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There are many unintended consequences of laws designed to benefit the vulnerable, and protect privacy – and administered by self-sustaining bureaucracies.

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How Autism is Reshaping Special Education

What Others Have To Say

Eric Kurtz, Ph.D. - Director, Leadership Excellence in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at USD Sanford School of Medicine

"An extremely comprehensive and well-rounded collection of perspectives on the complex factors that have shaped the context in which autism services are provided as well as the important issues that must be addressed in order to move the needle on improving outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families."

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger, M.A., BCBA - President & Founder, STE Consultants, LLC

"Mark K. Claypool and John McLaughlin systematically examine how the increased diagnostic rate of autism, the emergence of autism advocacy and Autism Speaks in particular, and the passage of autism insurance mandates have radically shifted the way in which our society views disability. 'How Autism is Reshaping Special Education' makes it very clear that sweeping, meaningful policy change is imperative in the next reauthorization of IDEA."

Amy K. Weinstock - Director, Autism Insurance Resource Center at UMass Medical School

"How Autism Is Reshaping Special Education is a thoughtful analysis of the current 'square peg, round hole' context that creates so many challenges and barriers for students with autism. It provides rational and practical suggestions that will hopefully inform change and maximize outcomes for people with autism."

Today’s IDEA…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it does not apply to IDEA. It needs an overhaul.

After 40 years of regulation upon regulation and calculated noncompliance on the part of school districts, this parentally enforced federal law is ripe for unbundling.

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Mark K. Claypool

Mark Claypool is a social entrepreneur who believes that all children can advance academically, behaviorally and socially if they are given the right tools in the right environment.
He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Middle Tennessee State University.
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John M. McLaughlin, Ph.D

Dr. McLaughlin holds a BA, MA and Ph.D. from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, the University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota respectively.
He was a certified geography teacher and secondary school administrator in Tennessee where he served as a teacher.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Statistics

Prevalence - 1 in...
Percentage-Diagnosed Kids Who Received Comprehensive Evaluation By Age 3
Projected Costs By 2025 - Trillions

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