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Special Education: Categories, Boxes and the Need for Diversity

“Let’s forget the separate categories of general education and special education and just have education for all children.”  – Maggie Masimore quote from How Autism is Reshaping Special Education: The Unbundling of IDEA (Claypool/McLaughlin)

Maggie Masimore, education consultant and former Director of Special Education for the Metro Nashville Public Schools, sat down to discuss the progress of special education services. Since the advent of IDEA in 1973, special education has come a long way in development, however, according to Masimor, much more is needed.

Separating special needs from the general education environment has proven counter productive and a disservice to the growth of learning. Masimore believes categories have the effect of keeping students in boxes that ultimately hinder special learners from functioning in the world.

As adults we work and live in diverse environments – why not teach children the same.

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