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Sorting Through the Noise: Discerning Pseudo Science from the Real Thing

“Today, families have to sort through more and more noise in order to reach the signal” – Jim Carr

Dr. Jim Carr, CEO of Behavioral Analyst Certification Board, recognizes the power of Behavioral Analysis – just as long as it remains in the hands of qualified individuals. Part of Jim’s focus is identifying analysts that truly have the necessary background and telling them apart from those with less than standard training. Additionally, the increasing need for a greater supply of specialists has brought about training centers to provide more informed analysts in school settings.

Over the years, the internet has brought about an environment of ultimate dissemination that allows any individual to market autism treatment while bypassing literature and FDA laws. The overall effect has been a confusing environment for families to navigate as they look for the best treatment for their children on the spectrum.

It’s good to know that through the efforts of individuals like Jim Carr, autism treatment, and other special education needs are being monitored and evaluated to ensure the highest quality care is provided.

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