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Bridging the Gap Between Legal and Emotional in Special Needs

“Bridging the divide between what parent’s desire for their children and what the law requires school districts to give is the biggest challenge to cover” – Neeru “Nina” Gupta

Neeru “Nina” Gupta, Partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, spends her time on the district side of the table hearing the concerns of special needs parents interested in the education of their children. As a legal counsel, Nina finds herself spending a great deal of time softening the often harsh sounding legal terminology into a more empathetic digestible form. Parents are understandably intense about the welfare of their children, and part of  Gupta’s job is to put them at ease.

There is a gap between what districts are legally required to do and what parents want for their special needs children, and this creates friction. It’s important that all parties understand it is a collective process that will be forever morphing and changing.

Nina Gupta salutes the efforts of advocacy groups who do a yeomen’s work when facing the bureaucracies of special needs yet warns against leaning on adversarial approaches to negotiations. It’s a collaborative process that requires understanding, patience and giving from both sides of the table. Everyone wants the best education for ALL children.

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